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Virginia personal injury claims under $15000 are adjudicated in each cities General district court

Chesapeake General District Court

307 Albemarle Drive Civic Center

Chesapeake, Virginia 23322-5571

Virginia Beach General District Court:

2425 Nimmo Parkway

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456-9057

Portsmouth General District Court:

PO Box 129

711 Crawford Street

Portsmouth, Virginia 23705

Norfolk General District Court:

Norfolk, Virginia 23510

PO Box 1648

150 North Main Street Suffolk, Virginia 23439

Virginia personal injury claims over $15000 are adjudicated in each cities Circuit Court

Chesapeake Circuit Court: (1 st judicial district of Virginia)307 Albemarle Drive Civic Center Chesapeake, Virginia 23322

(2nd judicial district of Virginia 2425 10, Judicial Center, Nimmo Parkway, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Portsmouth Circuit Court:

(3rd Judicial Circuit Court of Virginia) 711 Crawford Street Portsmouth, Virginia 23705

Norfolk Circuit Court

: (4th Judicial Circuit Court of Virginia) 100 St. Paul's Boulevard Norfolk, Virginia 23510

(5th Judicial Circuit of Virginia.)

150 North Main Street Suffolk, Virginia 23439

Accident victim assistance 24 hours a day:

1. Accident victim telephone assistance at 54-legal that’s 545-3425, 24 hrs per day.

2. On Line accident attorney review of vehicle accident and personal injury insurance claims during business hrs..

Hampton Roads Accident Attorneys

Chesapeake,   Norfolk,   Virginia Beach,   Portsmouth,   Suffolk

Vehicle accidents result in serious injury for many Hampton Roads residents every year. We understand the disruption an accident can cause in the lives of accident victims. In addition to the pain and suffering associated with the personal injury, accidents victims frequently have to miss work and are forced to use up sick and leave time and still face the possibility of lowered income. To add insult to injury accident victims are often deprived of the use their vehicles. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you deserve a professional personal injury lawyer. Accident case management is an important part of getting the accident claim award you deserve. An immediate accident case review by an attorney, frequently results in larger cash settlement in many motor vehicle accidents. The 24 hour Hot line and on-line lawyer response offered by the Alliance legal group insure quick legal action for personal injury claims. Alliance legal group lawyers in south side Hampton Roads cities, (Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Suffolk) are experienced with claims against all major insurance carriers. Early involvement by an experienced attorney allows better case management which improves accident claim results. Victims hurt in vehicle collisions can have an immediate review of their auto accident claim and police report to establish their rights under personal injury law. From there important medical evaluations can be made which document the level of the personal injury. When necessary your attorney will be able to order accident scene investigations or interview accident witnesses to improve the factual and evidentiary nature of your accident based personal injury claim. Our lawyers practice in all south side Hampton Roads courts including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Tidewater, Virginia. We have an established track record of sizable accident injury settlements and awards in all jurisdictions of south-side Hampton Roads. Alliance legal group and The law office of Steve C Taylor * have an office and lead personal injury attorney in each tidewater city of south Hampton roads. Automobile, car, truck and motorcycle accidents make up most insurance claims in Virginia. If you have been hurt in a vehicle accident, let our experience attorneys and quick response help you get the fast settlement you deserve.

Attorney recommendations at the accident scene

Obviously, in the event your vehicle is involved in any accident, you must remain on the accident scene. Leave your car as close as possible to its original position in the accident, so long as doing so does not create a hazard or obstruct traffic. Immediately determine if anyone is hurt or injured, and give first aid if you are qualified. You should call for an ambulance or 911 in the event anyone is hurt or injured. Warn approaching cars by raising the hood of your car or using your car’s hazard lights. If possible, place flares or reflectors on the road to warn other drivers of the accident, especially at nighttime. Cooperate with the police officer investigating the accident. Report any personal injury you or passengers in your car may have sustained in the accident. Exchange driver and insurance information with the other party involved in the accident. Get the names and contact information of any accident witnesses available at the accident scene. Use our 24 hour hotline to contact our lawyers as soon after the accident as possible.

Vehicular Accidents and Victims Rights

If you believe the other party was at fault, you should attempt to have the police investigate the accident in order that a police report of the accident and injuries can be filed. Traffic citations or tickets have a significant impact on personal injury awards resulting from accident based personal injury claims. In all cases, you should exchange relevant information including the following matter: The names, addresses and phone numbers of all drivers, passengers, witnesses and owners of the vehicles involved as well as insurance coverage and insurance policy information for both the drivers and owners of the vehicles involved in the accident.

Attorneys recommend immediate medical attention and evaluation

You should immediately determine whether medical attention is necessary after an accident. If you have any questions as to whether you have been hurt or injured in the accident, you should seek appropriate care and evaluation as some personal injuries that are not readily apparent could be serious. Do not refuse treatment for any accident injuries even if they seem minor at the time. Timely documentation of any injuries will be important consideration when attempting to settle or argue before a jury the severity of your accident and extent of your injuries. Lawyers suggest that personal injury victims notify all appropriate parties

Notify your attorney– You should immediately contact your attorney upon any serious motor vehicle accident. Whether or not you were at fault, you should be advised of your legal rights and responsibilities concerning any accident as soon as possible in order that appropriate action may be taken. (Especially if there were any injuries and a personal injury claim could result) Notify your insurance agent– Contact your insurance agent as soon as possible after your accident. Failure to do so may be grounds for denial of accident coverage. Even if you are not at fault, your insurance coverage may provide you with medical benefit payments for your personal injury in addition to any payments you may receive from the other party due to their negligence. It also may be determined that the other driver does not have insurance, and in that case your insurance coverage should provide for uninsured motor vehicle coverage as well as payments for damages to your car if you have collision coverage on your policy. Contact the lead personal injury attorney at the office nearest you today!


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